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Freelancer Referral Program

Welcome to Iyuno-SDI's Freelancer Referral Program. We hope to work with you soon!

What is the Freelancer Referral Program?

It looks like someone has referred you to us! This program is designed for our freelancers to invite their friends and colleagues to join our growing team of translators, notably for the following high-demand languages and services. 

English to Tagalog Subtitle Translation

What do I do now?

If any of the openings above interest you, head over to the iMTalent Sign-In page and create an account. Then explore our Job Bulletin page for freelance positions and apply. You can find more information about the referral process below. 

know The Process

1. Apply

Go to our Job Bulletin page, and apply for a freelance position that is in our high-demand list above and fits your skills and abilities. Take the test, and we'll get back to you with your results. 

2. Onboarding

If you've passed our test, that's awesome. When we help you register on our project management platform, please remember to write your referrer's email address and select the referral program that matches you. 

3. Work with Us

Complete translation or proofreading work on 30 hours of content for applicable high-demand languages, and your referrer will receive a reward.

4. Refer!

Keep the train going. You can refer your friends and colleagues too. You can find more information on our project management platform.


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